On the Bricks stipends 12 young men and women, ages 14-24 for a internship that incorporates professional and leadership development through job training, self awareness, and political education. While a third of the program curriculum is dedicated to developing practical skills for the workforce young people are also provided with outreach training and intense political education. We pride ourselves in developing community organizers.


Since 2000, we have been providing workshops in communities all over the Bay Area and Juvenile Justice Centers. For the youth that we reach through our workshops, this is their first introduction to One Fam and allows them to trust us enough to commit to joining our programming once they are released. We recruit 50% of our On the Bricks participants from our Know Your Rights workshops. Because the racial disparities in police treatment are well documented in the media, we provide workshops to young people how to assert their rights and try to stay safe. Our interactive curriculum teaches young people to advocate for themselves. When young people can assert their rights, the need to feel like running away decreases, their likelihood of being detained for status offenses or misdemeanors also decreases.


~ Teaches youth the law and their rights within it
~ Stimulates and empowers the imagination of youth to solve problems non-violently
~ Provides necessary life skills that can be used in chaotic situations or in the workforce
~ Informs the youth and provides tools that they can inform and create healthier communities


Bikes 4 Life is a bicycle training, retail and repair shop . Currently it is riding off of the huge success of the Bike For Life Peace Rides which are the most diverse critical mass group rides in the Bay Area. The ultimate goal of Bikes 4 Life is to promote healthy lifestyles and build a supportive community through bikes and bike culture.


~ Provides safe and non-violent activities for Oakland youth
~ Provides trainings and workshops
~ Creates multi-cultural communities of respect and appreciation
~ Provides and teaches legal skills needed for economic survival
~ Trains and assists youth in obtaining, maintaining and creating their own bikes
~ Supports a green economy



One Fam Organizational Chart (below)