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Free The Fee goes statewide

One Fam & students from School of Social Justice launched the "Free The Fee" campaign so it's so awesome to hear allies pushed it to become a statewide bill. Assembly Bill 1756



Political Education Night at OneFam

Join us for an evening of empowerment every WED nite. knowledge is power!


H Welcome To Our Site

We are a community based organization serving West Oakland. We strive to make a difference by empowering the community. Not service providers we're community organizers. We do provide basic services but our intentions are to build up leaders that will help change the world and build a stronger community.

We do this by building relationships and providing a safe space to grow on many levels. We're particulary but not exclusively very passionate about at-risk and formally incarcerated youth 18-24. We help turn lives around!



One Fam

meeting and venue space.










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Bikes 4 Life Bicycle Shop our green social enterprise which helps fund our community programs plus training facility for unskilled residents.

Selling the best bikes at the best prices...

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Donations For Us

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All donations are tax deductble and go to fund our work. Please donate all that you can, and you will feel rewarded by our results.

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